{Staying ~ Forgiving}


“My soul is buried deep down inside me somewhere, shivering in fear, and I’ve got to dive in, and find it, and rescue it.” (Mandy Steward)

“I am large, I contain multitudes.” (Walt Whitman)

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.” (May Sarton)

i am staying in this dark place today.

there is no relief.

progress made seems gone.

unraveled knots tightening again.

feet stuck, can’t move.

i am staying in this process.

i will not abandon it.

i will forgive myself.

i will forgive God.

i will stay & forgive.

are the stars brighter in the darkness?

they are blazing for me today.

i will accept this place.

it is what it is.

i am no less for its appearing.

i will emerge through this place.

i will fight against myself.

i will go easy on myself.

i will be too hard on myself.

i will forgive myself again.

i will learn to love myself.

all of me.

is a beautiful thing.

i add to the beauty around me.

i was created in beauty.

that beauty has not left me.

the beauty is staying too.

i cannot divorce beauty.

it is of me.

i desire to divorce this darkness.

but it will not let go of me.

today its grip bruises.

maybe tomorrow will bring relief.

i am forgiving today.

i am forgiving this darkness.

{Hope Wood © 2014}

“The deeper I venture in, the brighter the stars shine, until eventually I will be lit up from within with them. Let noone steal my darkest moments…Out of them will emerge my most glorious self.” (Mandy Steward)

“There is a deep yearning within us all to be healed, to be more of what we were intended to be in the first place.” (Rick Beerhorst, What Doesn’t Kill You Can Become Your Art)