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{Gratitude in Unusual Spaces}

I am grateful for an aching body, it means I am alive and whatever these pangs are, whether physical, spiritual, or relational, they are real, they are me in this moment. I am… Continue reading

{To Be in this Place}

this place of not-knowing silence deafening quiet am i imagining a presence? am i creating something or someone that really isn’t there? a thousand pins drop i hear them all i don’t hear… Continue reading


A tight surrounding circle It clenches me unrelentingly I try to push it down To push it out of existence My body still can’t accept It can’t let go of you Somehow there’s… Continue reading


I am beginning to see her I am beginning to feel her sense her hear her know her recognize touch understand empathize with forgive allow make amends with she is showing up spaces… Continue reading

{It Doesn’t Mean…}

Oh boy do I ever feel like a SpiritualMisfit. I have my story (see Finding or #churchsurvivor posts) in other places here on the blog, but here is a manifesto of sorts as… Continue reading

{My Truth}

slammed up against a wall i wonder is this really what it has come to? is this really where i am, this place i don’t recognize? the truth of others has ruled my… Continue reading

{Mix of Messengers}

I’ve got so much to say I feel mute. More to say than can be said. Words cannot truly capture it all. But we are all messengers aren’t we? Messengers of words, of… Continue reading

{Birth of Shame}

“Shame is a lie someone told you about yourself.” (Anais Nin) “Shame is, variously, an effect, emotion, cognition, state, or condition. The roots of the word shame are thought to derive from an… Continue reading


Hands for healing for holding for sharing for preparing for brushing for stroking for calming for beauty’s sake for remembering for loving for showing for telling for pointing for encouraging for pressing for… Continue reading

{Doubting Doubt}

“Once you leave the cow path, the unpredictable territory is full of life. True, you cannot always see where you are putting your feet. This means you can no longer afford to stay… Continue reading