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{long goodbyes}

i can’t tell you that long goodbyes ever find closure

i can’t speak of the lessons learned in darkness

i can’t say there has been no semblance of peace found in moments of respite

i can’t tell you i will ever comprehend the how or why

i can’t speak of who i am these days without turning circles

i can’t say all will like the person i am becoming

i can’t speak for anyone but myself

i can’t tell you i have arrived

i can’t say there aren’t countless more bends in the road coming up ahead

i can’t speak for the loves in my life

i can’t tell them enough they are my heart

i can’t speak my old words anymore

i can’t say all i used to say



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{Gratitude in Unusual Spaces}

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{A Day in the Life}

Ever deepening bonds of a life well lived
Mistakes and all bring colors together
We are more than okay
This is family
This is mothering
This is a day in the life


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{Just Be Me}

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{Rise Up}

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