“We have not come here to take prisoners But to surrender ever more deeply To freedom and joy. We have not come into this exquisite world to hold ourselves hostage from love. Run… Continue reading


Miracles. wings as petals. light breeze. approaching dusk. quiet living. tiny flutters. quick movements. life giving. small flowers. it surrounds us. take it in. miracles of nature. crafted by divinity. breathe it in… Continue reading


that day she knew she was cared for. she knew there was time to play. she knew there was time to sleep. she knew there was time to just be. she knew time… Continue reading


unsuspecting moments. eaten alive by the gravity of what’s been lost. overcome by emotion. choking on my own breath. tears streaming unwanted. pain rising and burning. fear strangles. when will death come next… Continue reading


affronted by words. unknown heart seized in a prison. held captive by all i have ever known. incarcerated by unintended chains. slashing rather than protecting. who i am. who you are. who we’ve… Continue reading


“The darkness is the place where nearly everything we once knew for certain has been or is being taken from us. Everything we had come to count on as true and right and… Continue reading

{dear whoever-you-are-up-there}

“…in our spiritual maturity, there comes a point when we have to be emptied of those attachments to the spiritual pleasures of the path and be willing to rest in aridity, dryness. If…we… Continue reading

{My Body Talks}

they say i’m beautiful. i cringe. how can this be beautiful? really? i long for the days gone past. those days when i was lean and strong and fast. oh to be young… Continue reading

{Staying ~ Forgiving}

“My soul is buried deep down inside me somewhere, shivering in fear, and I’ve got to dive in, and find it, and rescue it.” (Mandy Steward) “I am large, I contain multitudes.” (Walt… Continue reading


  “It cannot be our church, our gods, our life partner, our children, our career, our finances, our reputation, our relationships that dictate our choices, not if we are to inhabit our life… Continue reading