{The House that Grief Built}

hey soul we have quite the history, don’t we? i have wounded you so added to your misery believed so many lies i am so sorry i am your worst critic the last… Continue reading


stepping right past the heart focusing on what pushes their buttons it doesn’t matter what is said what is really being said all that matters is fitting inside their tiny box meeting their… Continue reading


turning circles focus won’t come heart beating in my ears what is this churning? what is underneath the frenzy? needs overwhelm pulls and tugs ever beckoning multiple levels of strain simultaneously through and… Continue reading


could it be i am really at a place of beginnings? what i thought might be the end of me may in turn bring my deliverance? dear-whoever-you-are-up there may in fact be someone… Continue reading

{Silent Tears}

“God is only our name for it, and the closer we get to it the more it ceases to be God. So then you are on a real safari with the wildness and… Continue reading

{Pressing In}

my fingertips brushed your leaves yesterday lightly touched your fading blossoms pressed against the bark blooms almost gone tiny delicate pink softness and color like a baby’s skin only leaves on your sister’s… Continue reading


walking a tightrope. pressing into the narrow spaces. i’m weaving. i’m suffocating. off balance. losing my breath. teetering on the edges. the narrow has become too narrow. i can’t do this anymore. i… Continue reading


innocence. blooming unfettered. taking nothing. asking nothing. beauty. just beauty. giving. pouring out. selfless. alluring shapes. angles. curves. edges. lines. colors. miniature worlds. new perspectives. untainted. unjaded. unmasked. softness. fragility. vulnerable. loveliness. unbroken… Continue reading


my darkness intersects with his epiphanies of joy. searing grief intersects with his delighted discoveries. a silent god intersects with his bright eyes taking in the world. my jagged night of the soul… Continue reading

{Redemption Unwound}

redemption unwound grace cut loose love splintered mercy untwisted faith unraveled threads undone all became un-stitched loose strings of a life hanging and swinging unbound upheaval replaced security chaos usurped peace fear dominated… Continue reading