A tight surrounding circle It clenches me unrelentingly I try to push it down To push it out of existence My body still can’t accept It can’t let go of you Somehow there’s… Continue reading


I am beginning to see her I am beginning to feel her sense her hear her know her recognize touch understand empathize with forgive allow make amends with she is showing up spaces… Continue reading

{Just Be Me}

I struggle so much with speaking clearly about my walk with God, or lack thereof. The demons of self deprecation and what the others think of me are screaming so loud most of… Continue reading

{It Doesn’t Mean…}

Oh boy do I ever feel like a SpiritualMisfit. I have my story (see Finding or #churchsurvivor posts) in other places here on the blog, but here is a manifesto of sorts as… Continue reading

{Somewhere Beautiful}

    i wonder where i am going where i am headed where i have come from what is really going on underneath and beyond all i can see.   i believe deep… Continue reading


  in the dark he is whispering my story he is teaching me to see in the shadows to feel in the dimness to find my way in the murky blackness i am… Continue reading

{Between Two Worlds}

Dear Hope Between Two Worlds, I see you standing here alone. You are so very scared. Battered and bruised. I’ve been wanting to tell you for a very long time that you are… Continue reading


  i am a bystander in the crowd of my own life i’m not here today i must be in hiding surviving with the proverbial covers over my head yet walking and talking… Continue reading


  I’m in a field A war zone Catastrophe of the soul A spiritual apocalypse Bodies everywhere Strewn mercilessly Devastation as far as the eye can see A wasteland of religion But I’m… Continue reading


Redemption comes in strange ways sometimes. It creeps up on you when you least expect it. Sometimes it even comes in the simplest extensions of a hand into a wild blackberry bramble. Reaching… Continue reading