{Cup of Cold Water}

not taken seriously
boxed in
chalked up to being one of those kinds

will my heart be heard at only a certain decibel
a tune and lyric found booming for some yet silent for others
i am at a loss
why do i do what i do
write what i write
i am a clanging symbol
hollow and devoid of regard
is it really in who you know
or what you have to show for your years?

but then i am seen
someone finally looked my heart in the eye
compassion came forth
beauty turned their face towards mine
love still exists
softness of a soul undone

a weary traveler offered mercy
cup of cold water to cracked lips and a seared internal wasteland

a few drops of grace bring renewed strength
a few more steps can be taken
the burden just a little lighter for the light shone in

take my hand, won’t you?
i am not here to hurt you
i am in need of what is real
i just need to be witnessed
to be cared for
to know i am not alone
to know we are all truly connected
to know that for a season someone can and will journey with me

you lifted my head
brought the cup to my lips
encouraged me to drink deeply without hesitation
you own yourself enough to not allow my wounding to pull you under
we need more strong ones like you
those who have traveled before us and can show us the way

maybe someday i can come alongside you too
lift your head
beckon you to drink deeply as well
we are all really hand in hand yet often we forget

{Hope Wood © 2014}


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