{You & Me}


you are here
in my belly
in my center
who are you?
where have you come from?
an alien life form
do you belong here?
where are we headed?
will you ever alter?
will the tightness be forever?
the ache a long gone conclusion?
the peace a forgone illusion?
the peace
the grace
the joy
the acceptance
these are all foreign
the slivers of time to engage
we whisper through cracks of time
I see you
I feel you
I understand you
I want out
you want out
we are bound together
I crave
I shudder
I fumble
I lose my balance
how do I walk this road?
you are injured
how can I heal you?
what must I do?
can it be undone?
can a birthing be unwound?
or must the jumbled mess come forth anyway?
will I accept what you can give me?
will I find hope in the shatterings?
life in the murky waters?
grace floating among the weeds?
I am coming to you
I am coming for you
will you receive me?
will we know what to do with one another?
can this ever be different?

{Hope Wood © 2014}