{Gratitude in Unusual Spaces}

I am grateful for an aching body, it means I am alive and whatever these pangs are, whether physical, spiritual, or relational, they are real, they are me in this moment.

I am grateful for shoulder and back rubs, they mean I have a husband who cares enough to touch me when my words run out and I am just existing in the here and now as I breathe deeply and send up a prayer for restored vision every moment of every hour.

I am grateful for the breeze in the midst of hot afternoon hours. Breezes remind me that no matter how much the heat rises there is always a refreshing to be found somewhere if I look hard enough or allow myself to take it in.

I am grateful for kids who whine about their dinner options. It reminds me of the little family that surrounds me, that takes up space on the same ground my feet walk on, and that take up space in my heart till I am spilling over with gratitude.

I am grateful for believing in the existence of God even though I have lost faith in the church at large. It reminds me that even though I don’t feel His nearness or hear His voice in this season, He is here, somehow, some way, He is within reach, yet I feel Him not, my grasps come up empty.

I am grateful for differences in opinions, they remind me of my own identity and my own journey that has shaped my whys and my sight in this present place.

I am grateful for the rush of life. It reminds me of the sacredness, it teaches me to not just squeeze in moments, but to enter into a higher level of intentionality.

I am grateful for painful pasts. That means there is need for restoring, for practicing forgiveness. That means there is hope for the future if my heart can free itself enough to embrace it, to embrace them as best I can.

Gratitude in the unusual spaces, it is there, turn it around, turn it over, see it, let it wash over you. Vision can be adjusted. Pain can me lessened. Beauty uncovered.

{Hope Wood © 2014}

>>>This post is part of Thursday Poetry Prompts with Jamie Bagley<<<