I remember the taste

the feeling of nearness

the rush of your spirit

tingling as I was aware


cut to the bone now

tattered and worn

your face a memory

you have vanished

no sense of proximity

no rustling of steps coming close

no sensation of fingers brushing softly

no embrace enveloping me


like a child lost and afraid

have I runaway?

can I ever be home again/

I am lost yet I didn’t leave you

how can this be?

where did the canyon between us appear?

where is the sweet enticement of being known?


my soul is shredded

where can love be found

I don’t see you in them

I don’t hear you in the others

aren’t we supposed to be known by actions?

you and them have altogether disappeared

what was real?

who spoke from the heart?

who only played the games?

was it all a mirage?

were you only a figment?


the familiar spaces now empty

music that filled my heart now is noise

how can this heart be aroused

where can you be seen through the fog?

are you really even there?


am I a grand creator of illusions

crutches of grandeur to prop me up

they have all fallen

support beams gone

scaffolding of faith collapsed


I remember oh creator

are you done with me?

has our journey come to a close?

is it possible to join together once again?

the pain has changed me


I have seen what I have seen

heard what I heard

there is no going back

no denying what I know now

life keeps turning and turning

around and around


I know a lot of love

of fear

of grief

nothing can be erased now

is what I am more than enough?

are you more than enough?


{Hope Wood © 2014}