Wars inside
Invisible externally
Internal shreds of a life
Seen but not really
Heard but not witnessed
Passed over as I lay bleeding
Does no one care to lend some aid?
Can anyone recognize screams their ears cannot ascertain?

Layers of a bruised heart
Quickened by new spaces
Breathing fresh healing
Unearthing silenced mounds
A wrecking ball of hope
Movement brings new levels to explore
No choice in the excavation
Mercy must not pass me by
Grace cannot disregard
Love burns for room to expand

Giving up is not an option
Perseverance an ally
Tenacity my friend
Courage envelopes me
Fighting to hear myself through years of broken glass
Will she show up again?
Can I allow her space to speak?
I see a shadow peeking around heaps of years circling into decades
When can we rendezvous?

Salivating to bandage the wounds
But time is time is time
The process must be allowed to unfurl

I am my own witness
I am learning to create my own soft place to land

{Hope Wood 2014}