{A Day in the Life}


Choking back sobs
Short of breath
No visible marker of efforts today
Filled to the brim
Overflowing internal work
Their hearts
My heart
All these moments add up to a day
A day in the life

Their lives
Days once done, done.
No do-overs
No unsaying of words
No undoing of movements
Merciless time, it cannot be undone
It crashes over me yet again

Memories tucked around the edges
Laughter in-between moments
Sparkling eyes
Soft hugs
Tickling kisses
Tears welling up
Stomach in knots
Words overstated
Aggravation appears
Deep breaths
More embraces
Relief floods as we all sit together
A day in the life

A canvas of mixed media
A spectrum of colors bleeding each one into the next
Tired to the bone
An achy heart gathering it all up to remember
A full heart
Throbbing with life
Ever deepening bonds of a life well lived
Mistakes and all bring colors together
We are more than okay
This is family
This is mothering
This is a day in the life

I will embrace the hard with the good
It cannot come any other way
Whines intertwined with breathy I-love-yous
Together we are
Here, now, in this moment
I’m scooping it all up
Breathing it in
Clenched fists give way to surrender
A day in the life

{Hope Wood © 2014}