It swirls as a never ending merry-go-round

Who am I in the midst of this?

The ache to slow down time burns

I remember precious moments

They dance in my memory

Coming close but not close enough to grab onto

Fading in and out

Swiftness of passing seems cruel

There is too much beauty to fully take in

The desire to enlarge my space

so that all can be gathered and held into

But it is not to be

Like a thousand falling leaves

I catch what I can and allow the rest to settle around my feet

I can lay among those memories

One day I hope to relive them all

I hold onto that dream

My loves are too large to capture

My heart overflows with tenderness

They are my heart

Each moment fading as I press to hold it close

Tears pool in the edges of my eyes

The tightness clenches in the back of my throat

They are here with me now

I will bring all I have to bear in this moment

I will hold it as best I can

I will treasure them always

Joy always laced with ache

Mothering is such beauty

Such pain

Such sweetness

Such muchness

Such blessing

Such ripping

This is a beautiful life

{Hope Wood © 2014}