I am beginning to see her

I am beginning to feel her

sense her

hear her

know her




empathize with



make amends with

she is showing up

spaces seen for the first time

words heard for the new ears

how can this be?

where has she been hiding all these years?

can she come to know me?

can I come to know her?

can integration happen?

will healing really ascend on us?

we are different

we are the same

we are one

she is me

I am her

but she is terrified


shaking all over

I am extending my hand

we need to begin this process

we have begun

it is a new beginning

we are beginning again

we were lost to one another

she to me

I to her

where is God in all of this?

has he been hiding too?

will I reconnect with him as well?

does she want to know him again?

what will she say to him?

to me?

how do I know her?

how do I help her?


please help me begin

help us begin

we have to begin

beginning is here

{Hope Wood © 2014}

>>>This post was a 5 minute prompt from Five Minute Friday, today’s word was BEGIN. Five minutes of unedited writing based on that one word, here you go!<<<