Redemption comes in strange ways sometimes.

It creeps up on you when you least expect it.

Sometimes it even comes in the simplest extensions of a hand into a wild blackberry bramble.

Reaching for the beauty through the thorns, it’s there.

It’s just that sometimes reaching for it and pressing in to grab a-hold isn’t what we expect or even like at times.

But in the end the beautiful thing is still there and within our reach.

It will hurt at times.

You will stumble.

You will get poked and stuck by sharp edges.

You will get scraped and scratched.

You will bleed.

You will want to give up.

You might even sit down and just stop pursuing at times.

You need the refreshment that taking breaks allows.

You will see glimpses of what you want to find.

You will wonder why it all seems just beyond your reach.

You will get frustrated.

You will get tired.

But you will keep reaching in, pushing past the prickly parts that often block your vision.

You will go even when the stings and jabs come.

You have to keep going deeper because the alternative is to give up for good and throw in the towel.

The beauty is there.

It has not left you.

It is worth the fight.

Redemption is alive.

Redemption is happening.

Redemption is coming for you.

Redemption is enveloping you, surrounding you.

Creation is groaning for it, always asking for a pass, longing to be its truest self.

Suffering is often glorified, as though it needs to be sought after intentionally.

We are not meant to be in constant suffering, it is not for the purpose of making us better.

It is the redemption that is the sculptor, not the pain.

Suffering is ugly, even the Christ asked for the cup to pass, if there was another way.

To desire to be free of suffering is divine, it points to redemption.

It points to how everything sad is coming untrue.

Suffering is not our goal, nor our resting place, nor our defining.

Redemption is.

{Hope Wood © 2014}