{My Truth}

slammed up against a wall

i wonder is this really what it has come to?

is this really where i am, this place i don’t recognize?

the truth of others has ruled my life

i’ve been named and shamed and blamed

i’ve been told i’m this, i’m that

that i shouldn’t, that i couldn’t

that i won’t, that i can’t

supposed truth has blinded me

how others see me has distorted my vision

like a bee caught inside a room

buzzing at the window at the world he sees on the other side

death awaits if a crack in the window isn’t found

it isn’t enough to simply gaze at the beauty outside

it isn’t enough to make my home in a world where i cannot survive

i must leave this place

i must burst into my own truth

i must go and find dear-whoever-you-are-up-there out there

beyond the glass that separates us

beyond the silence that makes my ears bleed

truth is waiting

truth is screaming to me

i am barely beginning to hear it

i am barely beginning to recognize its voice

my voice

my truth

my words

my life

my beauty

i will find a way to get to it

{Hope Wood}

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