Startled by revelation
Transfixed by possibility
A break in the storm clouds

Could things really be different somehow?
Could a new version now be lived out?
Could the page be turned?
Could the story be rewritten?
Could the shame be unwound?
Could the identity be unborn?
Could the truth really be true?
Could years piled upon years be stacked on a faulty foundation?
Could the bottom fall out and I find solid ground to meet my feet?

Is it possible to unlive a life?
Unwind the clock of time?
Go back and tell that young lady a is not what it appears to be?
Could I tell her she was used and not loved?
Could her heart exchange one version of supposed truth for another?
Could I show her the pattern she was pulled into?
Could I open her eyes to the beauty that was about to be stolen from her?
Could I gently look her in the eyes and tell her what is gone can be recovered?
Could I whisper on her tearstained cheek that life can and will go on beyond this horrible moment?
Could I take her hands in mine and will her to believe with a her might that she is beautiful and good and worthy of love?
Could I convince her to make shame run the hell away and never make his home with her?
Could I somehow talk her heart into agreeing that she didn’t really choose this road?

Could we somehow walk together through the years?
Could we relive them all? Paint them onto a new background of colors?
Could we swirl together as time itself bent end to end and gave us another chance?
Could we now open our eyes to a brand new world where things are set right within her?
Could we talk and believe ourselves into a new way of feeling and experiencing life?
Could we agree that even if no one locked arms with us that we always have each other?

That young lady and I are one
The woman of now and the young lady of then
We can join forces
I can be her champion
I can tell her all the things she had always needed to know
I can tell her all the things left unsaid
I can show her things left unshown
I can take her places she never would have visited on her own
I could, I can, I will, we will

{Hope Wood Β© 2014}