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Hands for healing

for holding

for sharing

for preparing

for brushing

for stroking

for calming

for beauty’s sake

for remembering

for loving

for showing

for telling

for pointing

for encouraging

for pressing

for moving

for memories

for making

for seeing

for you

for us

for God

for ministering

for everyone

for another hand

for a shoulder

for a back

for fingers

for a lover

for a child

for a friend

for a stranger

for healing

Hands as the movement of Spirit within us

From us to the world

An extension of Love





our interconnectedness

we are all wound together

we cannot un-connect

our hands say something about us

they tell a story

they show a heart

they are so much more than hands

{Hope Wood © 2014}

::Link up for Five Minute Fridays on Lisa Jo Baker’s Blog. Today’s word prompt for 5 minutes of unedited writing was “Hands”::