Ebb and flow of life

Some fast, some slow

Life has a rhythm

Life has a method

Some days I feel the current strongly

Other days it’s a hazy methodical rhythm of tasks to be done

Other days it’s a boatload of piled up emotions fighting against one another to stay afloat

They say to treasure every moment I try as best I can

There is more than can be taken in

There is more sacred than I can even see

There is more beauty than I can even recognize

The tension between what I can absorb and what stays for a moment and then floats away

Some slips away through my fingers

Some I can grasp and hold onto, the memories documented for later

The ebb and flow of life is sometimes soothing

Sometimes mocking

But always flowing

Always a beautiful thing.

{Hope Wood © 2014}

::Five Minute Friday post, writing unedited for five minutes and link up to Lisa Jo Baker’s blog Lisa Jo Baker . Today’s word prompt was “Nothing”, this is what I came up with!::