{Love is Here}

“God’s Love is not tied to the performance-based system that religion is fond of teaching. God’s Love is not a reaction to your actions or beliefs. God’s Love is not a spigot that turns off and on based on the accuracy of your theology, how religious you are, or how far you’ve progressed on your journey. That is why it is UNCONDITIONAL. You have already met every condition by simply being who you are and there are no further conditions to meet.” (Jim Palmer)

love without performance

not based on beliefs

not based on actions

not based on the good stuff

not based on the messes

no conditions

no checklist

no requirements

no ifs-ands-or-buts

no but-what-about-this-or-that ?

no oughts-shoulds-oughtnots-shouldnots

no perfect theology

no set of degrees

no correct amount of offspring

no calculated closet of the right styles

no agenda based on who you know or who knows you

no ins because of family connections

no likes because of what you have to offer

no coolness-factor or popular-girl doctrine

no surface beauty meter to get you in

no perfect smile with words full of happy platitudes as the ticket price

no reputation or background to rack up points

it’s just because

just because you exist

you are

the worth is inherent, not earned

given, not calculated

a gift, not an exam to pass with flying colors

just because you are worthy in your core

just because

you are loved

did you hear me?

you are loved

you always have been

did you hear me?

you are loved

it is not your fault

it is not your fault

it is not your fault

you are loved

i hope you are hearing

i hope you are seeing

i hope you are believing

just because

you can embrace this

you must embrace this

your life depends on it

your sanity rests here

let it seep in your pores

let it wrap you up like a shawl

let it cover over the past, the present, the future

open wide your arms and receive it

love is here

it never left

{Hope Wood © 2014}