Shame showed up knocking

Asking what the rate was to hang around

An extended stay was necessary

Rates were too low yet the cost to me sky high

Accommodations immaculate yet devastating for the owner

Shame locked the door to my home where I resided

The key was thrown away

I became a prisoner in my own home to an unwelcomed guest

A guest that came in masqueraded as repentance

Hiding behind the good kind of guilt, the guilt that others press on you

The guilt that lessens the conscience of the see-ers

The guilt that eats alive the host

Fear is a parasite

Shame, guilt, and fear a gruesome threesome

Siblings bent on destruction

Clever destruction

Often quiet and incognito

Often laced with half truths and dripping off the tongue of the good people, the faithful ones, the religious ones, the box-checkers, the straight-lacers, the narrow-placers

This family of evil marks you

Marks you for all to see

You become a slave

Endlessly seeking respite yet never finding release

Getting it right and making up for the wrong consumes you

Reputation ruined must be regained

Penance is a bitter bitter pill

The lost ones trying to lead you home

They don’t really know the way

They are running in circles to find what they think they already have

You begin to see cracks in their armor

Slivers of light showing up on their shadows

Moments of lucidity begin to show up

There is a different way to live, to love, to exist, to treat yourself, to know dear-whoever-you-are-up-there.

Life knocks on your door

Asking to know who else is living there

Can they come in for a visit?

Trilogy of pain has overstayed their welcome

They have debts long overdue

They must be evicted for good

Life has the key, will you let him in to help you?

There is a different way, a different path

Grace came knocking too, and along came Mercy

Truth joined in the party, Liberty grabbed a hand to tag along

They are here, let them in.

They have the key but you allow the access.

Will the real you please stand up?

Will the real you please come to the door?

You are vital to the plan, there are others trapped in their own homes too.

They will trust you. They will hear you. They will see you. You are not an island. Your words change things. They cannot hear you if you do not come. They cannot come to their own doors if you do not come knocking. Will you come?

{pursuingthebeautywritings © 2014, Hope Wood}