{The House that Grief Built}


hey soul

we have quite the history, don’t we?

i have wounded you so

added to your misery

believed so many lies

i am so sorry

i am your worst critic

the last to offer you kindness

the last to offer you grace

my standards for you are too high

i am too easily disappointed

forever critical it seems

i expect you to always do better than you do

nothing is ever quite good enough

this has to change

this is choking the life out of you

no more.

i want to offer you more kindness

more love

more grace

more acceptance

more cups of water

more refreshing

more rest

more room

more space

more edges

more time

more okay-ness

more wideness

you deserve it

thank you for forgiveness

we are on a new journey together

things are ever-shifting

i must become your ally

your cheerleader

your comforter

your encourager

your soft place to land

your receiver

your enlarger

your gift-giver

here we are

i am stepping over the battle-lines i drew as i opposed you

i am on your side now

in your corner

i am no longer in the crowd accusing

i am no longer the judge slamming down the gavel stating guilt as the verdict

i am no longer shouting “crucify”

no longer staring at the “a” on your forehead

the scarlet letter is coming off

i am wiping it off

cleaning it away

it is gone

you are free my soul

you have no blood on your hands

the souls of your little ones see you

they are okay too

it was not your fault

it was not your fault

it was not your fault

they know this

we know this now too

things will be different now

they must be

you will now begin to see clearly

blinders gone

shame arrested and jailed

locked away

keys tossed into the abyss

we will join together you and i

i am embracing you

holding you

your eyes can shine now

the tears can lessen now

the strangling guilt has been evicted too

this is a new house

we are leaving the house that grief built

we are moving together to a new place

we are migrating together to this new land

there will be bruising in the uprooting

pursuit by the narrow-placers

but we are going together

you are not alone

you will be okay

we will be okay

we will be transformed

this is the day of our jubilee

all debts are cancelled

we are crossing over.

{Hope Wood © 2014}

{so much inspiration for this piece i attribute to the sacred conversations had here}