turning circles

focus won’t come

heart beating in my ears

what is this churning?

what is underneath the frenzy?

needs overwhelm

pulls and tugs ever beckoning

multiple levels of strain simultaneously

through and through it courses

looking for a place to rest

a place to settle into

others cannot bring the peace

how do I find it?

can peace and turmoil co-exist?

love and fear married?

can I silence the madness long enough to hear?

beauty is whispering

truth is speaking

peace is waiting

love is calling

I must press in

take its hand

allow the wrestling to stop

cease striving

stop clawing my way to peace

stop climbing my way over the wall

no more angst as my master

what more could I do?

it has all been done

I am here, I have been here

who am I trying to please?

who’s agenda is running the show?

who is steering my ship?

can my humanness flow next to peace?

will my raging emotions ever find a pool to subside in?

life rushes at me from all sides

there is no enough of me to go around

I am stepping back

I am saying no more

I am saying yes more

I am choosing more wisely

I am freeing up the space for peace to seep in

freeing up a space for beauty to show up

here is my window, here is my space

come in

I feel the edges

I feel the winds coming in

the window is my freedom

turning circles can become a dance

the rhythm of my new grace

new life

new identity

awakened to the me I have always been

peace won’t overcome me

I must turn and lay into it

lean into it

allow the breeze to calm my heart

I don’t have to live up to those expectations

my expectations

your expectations

his, hers, theirs

here is the window

the space

deep breaths

{Hope Wood © 2014}