my darkness intersects with his epiphanies of joy.

searing grief intersects with his delighted discoveries.

a silent god intersects with his bright eyes taking in the world.

my jagged night of the soul intersects with his very best known moments.

dark and light intersect.

there would be no recognition of the realm of light without knowing the dark places.

my dear-whoever-you-are-up-there says there is no difference between the two to Him.

he says joy comes in the morning.

he says he is light and there is no darkness in him.

that darkness is as light to him.

he says he is the light of the world.

that his children are as cities on a hill lit up bright.

that they are children of light manifested to a dark world.

how can those truths intersect with my current truth?

the paradox looms unbending.

the juxtaposition stark and unforgiving.

how can this be possible?

am I deluding myself?

is the dark so dark I am seeing light as a mirage in the desert?

maybe somehow the darkness can intersect with the light?

maybe somehow the raw pain can find sweetness to uncover?

maybe somehow the dark is really a place of light camouflaged?

light incognito?




the sparkles of joy in my son’s eyes pierce into my dark places.

they intersect and ignite the light.

coming to life.

moments of light flashing.

light is stirring.

light is waking.


or maybe it is I who is waking?

I who is stirring?

I who was in disguise?

I who was camouflaged?

I who is coming to life?

I who was dead?

or maybe god and I both died?

maybe we are both being resurrected anew?

the old god won’t work anymore.

the old faith is empty.

something new must come or death will win again.

my death is intersecting with my life.

my old faith with my new faith.

my old lies with my new truths.

my old god with a revealing new one I am unsure of.

who is this new god I am being introduced to?

the one coming to me in surprising places.

the one beckoning me to find him in spaces un-excavated.

is this the one who has been there all along?

did I have to lose my way to find my way?

two worlds intersecting.

I must choose, I can’t choose, the choice has already been made.

{Hope Wood © 2014}