wings as petals.

light breeze.

approaching dusk.

quiet living.

tiny flutters.

quick movements.

life giving.

small flowers.

it surrounds us.

take it in.

miracles of nature.

crafted by divinity.

breathe it in your soul.

let the peace come.

your heart can receive it.

allow this to happen.

allow the sacred to unfold in you.

allow the beauty to settle on you.

beauty is bigger.

beauty still is here.

beauty hasn’t vanished.

beauty hasn’t been quenched.

beauty has become more full.

beauty has become larger.

beauty is loud.

beauty is silent.

beauty is beauty.

you are beautiful too.

you are a miracle too.

you were crafted by the divine too.

let beauty fall onto you, into you.

it is you.

{Hope Wood © 2014}