that day she knew she was cared for.

she knew there was time to play.

she knew there was time to sleep.

she knew there was time to just be.

she knew time seemed to exist outside of time.

she knew she had  a home to retreat into.

she knew someone else she trusted was taking care of it all.

she knew her needs would be met every day.

then one day she wondered who really did care.

she wondered if there was ever going to be time to play again.

she wondered why she always wanted to sleep but never seemed to have the time.

she wondered where she had gone and who had replaced her.

she wondered how time could really pass even faster than it was always said to pass.

she wondered how her safe haven had caved in upon itself.

she wondered how broken trust could ever be regained again.

she wondered if anyone was truly who they said they were.

she wondered if all the razor-edged shards of her life could ever be soldered back together.

she wondered if dear-whoever-you-are-up-there was really there at all.

she wondered if home was merely a mirage, and there was truly no place to lay her head with solid ground underneath.

then today she is reclaiming what has been lost for oh so long.

she is reclaiming the neverending love that is hers to hold onto.

she is reclaiming the divinity that holds her loudly and silently from day to day.

she is reclaiming her own sense of identity and what it means to listen to her voice.

she is reclaiming the sacredness of space, of rest, of play.

she is reclaiming the truth that is larger than the lies that bound her.

she is reclaiming the joy and hope of triumphant life that runs deeper than death and grief.

she is reclaiming her beauty that is not defined by past regrets and shame.

she is reclaiming her true home.

she is reclaiming the divine brilliance.

she is reclaiming herself.

life coursing through her veins.

what didn’t kill her has delivered her redemption.

she knew, she wondered, she is.

{Hope Wood © 2014}