unsuspecting moments.

eaten alive by the gravity of what’s been lost.

overcome by emotion.

choking on my own breath.

tears streaming unwanted.

pain rising and burning.

fear strangles.

when will death come next unbidden?

will I have to bury yet another little one?

her remains on a grassy hillside facing the mountains.

her sister so tiny and early she is lost in the dirt and wind forever.

can life ever really feel normal again?

living in terrified silence of what may come.

peace mocks me.

joy, grief, and life intertwined ferociously.

their interlocking an eternal marriage it seems.

strolled around resting places today after grief showed up unsolicited.

looked it straight in the face again.


clear vision.

eyes brimming with tears.

knotted throat.

brevity of life here blatant as the clouds contrasting blue sky.

my youngest alongside me.

he brought life and hope to the black & white scenery.

color came running to me.

he played inside and around the grief.

climbing trees.

delighted hearing of chirping birds.

fanta orange soda.

dusty toes.

fascination at tiny ants.

childhood curiosity & new-found realizations alongside empathy.

inquiring about death so innocently.

beauty of trees.





wild flowers.


green grass.

colors rushed in.

juxtaposition hard to swallow yet lessening the bitter tastes.

somehow, some way, life always trickles in and breathes hope.

unsuspected hope.

{Hope Wood © 2014}