{Beginning to Surrender}


“The gift you carry for others is not an attempt to save the world but to fully belong to it. It’s not possible to save the world by trying to save it. You need to find what is genuinely yours to offer the world before you can make it a better place. Discovering your unique gift to bring to your community is your greatest opportunity and challenge. the offering of that gift – your true self – is the most you can do to love and serve the world. and it is all the world needs.”{Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft}

I am surrendering.

I am beginning.

I’m falling.

Nothing looks familiar.

Where am I?

Does anyone know I’m gone?

Does my absence make a difference?

Will my receiving ever come?

Will I find my offering?

It’s here.

But where?

The darkness is so bright.

I’m blinded by the blackness.

Everything is smaller.

Everything is larger.

I hear my heartbeat.

My ears are about to explode.

Will the falling end?

Is there ground to land on?

Will anyone be there?

The pain is searing.

My heart learns to accept.

Through it, not around it.

Into it, not in spite of it.




I am here.

Where will this all lead?



Finding my voice.

It is coming.

{Hope Wood © 2014}